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AICHI aspires to turn the students Passion into a Profession by providing an innovative and practical kitchen environment. Powered by experienced professionals; competent chefs with a committed staff to act in obedience to the will of God for the attainment of developing a wholesome individual to become excellent citizens representing our country.


American International CUlinary and Hospitality Institute (AICHI) is a provider of exceptional professional training in advanced culinary arts and presentation of varius international cuisines and committed to develop students to become top chefs with worldwide competencies in the field of culinary, restaurant and hospitality management.


American International Culinary and Hospitality Institute (AICHI) aspires to turn students' passion into profession by providing innovative and practical kitchen environment. Powered by experienced professional and competent chefs and committed staff to act as obedience to the will of God for the attainment of wholesome individual to become excellent citizens of our country.

Goals and Objectives

U To become the ultimate international culinary school that offers the most intensive and practical culinary arts training in the country;

N To be the number one provider of perfecting skills, techniques and proficiencies in the field of culinary and hospitality in the Philippines;

I To become the ultimate international culinary school that offers the most intensive and practical culinary arts training in the country;

Q To be the most innovative and highly-equipped culinary school using quality state-of-the-art facilities;

U To be united with the industry players and other stakeholders in advancing the state of culinary and hospitality education in the Philippines;

E To become an excellent institution adopting Competency Based Curriculum accredited with TESDA in hospitality management and culinary arts.

Certificate in Commercial Cookery (5 MONTHS/50 SESSIONS)

Introduction to International Culinary Arts
  • The Culinary Professional Conduct
  • Hygiene, Sanitation and Safety (HACCP)
  • Organizational Kitchen Set-up
  • Batterie de Cuisine
  • Knife Skill
Stocks, Soups and Sauces
  • Basic Preparation of Stocks, Soups and Sauces
  • Types of Roux, Thickeners
  • Mother and Daughter sauces
  • Bechamel Sauce, Espagnole, Tomato, Hollandaise
  • Soups: Clear, Thick, Special
  • (Practical and Written Exams)
Art of Garde Manger
  • Emulsification: Mayonnaise, Vinaigrettes
  • Salads
  • Appetizers and Canapes
  • Burgers and Sandwiches
  • Egg Cookery
Starch, Pasta and Grains
  • Potato Cookery
  • Rice Cookery: Risotto, Pilaf, Grains
  • Pasta Cookery
  • Fresh Pasta Making, Pasta Dishes
  • (Practical and Written Exams)
Market Basket 2 (Main Course, Dessert) Food and Beverages Orientations
  • Basic Tools and Equipments in Services
  • Basic Fine Dining Set-up and Wine Pairing
International and Contemporary Cuisines
  • Japanese
  • Thai/Indian
  • Spanish/Mexican/Turkish
  • Chinese
  • European: French, Russian, Greek
  • Contemporary Cuisine/ Molecular Gastronomy Final Exam (Restaurant Kitchen Simulation)
Enrolment Requirements
  • Filled-out enrollment form
  • Medical Certificate
Course Fee and Installment Plan
  • P110,000 total tuition fee
  • P10,000 reservation fee upon enrolment (deductible but not refundable)
  • P25,000 upon start of Month 1
  • P25,000 upon start of Month 2
  • P25,000 upon start of Month 3
  • P25,000 upon start of Month 4
Market Basket 1 (Soup, Salad, Pasta, Appetizer) Cooking Methods:
  • Roasting
  • Grilling
  • Searing
  • Brasing and Boiling
  • Pan Frying
  • Sauteing
  • Deep Frying
  • Barbecuing
  • Pan Grilling
  • Stewing
  • Marination
Bread and Pastry Arts
  • Introduction to Bread and Pastry
  • Basic Breads
  • Soft Rolls
  • (Practical Exam)
  • Pies and Danish Pastry
  • Puss Pastry
  • Cookies
  • (Practical Exam)
  • Cakes
  • Sponge Cake
  • Meringue and Souffle
  • Muffins
  • (Practical Exam)
  • Refrigerator Cake I
  • Refrigerator Cake II
  • (Practical Exam)
  • Cake Decoration I
  • Cake Decoration II
  • Cake Decoration III
  • Cake Decoration IV
Course Fee Inclusions
  • Free all cooking ingredients and materials
  • Free 10-piece set of imported Chef knives
  • Free one complete set of Chef's uniform
  • Free 1-year insurance coverage
  • Free course hand-outs
  • Free school ID and photos
  • Free use of parking space
Course Schedule
  • 9AM - 1PM Monday-Wednesday-Friday
  • 9AM - 1PM Tuesday-Thursday


Industry Exposure (Compulsory Requirement)
  • Principles of Safety, Hygiene and Sanitation
    • Hazard Analysis Critical Contro Points (HACCP)
  • First Aid Procedures
  • Fruit and vegetables Carving/Plating Technique
    • Garnish
    • CenterPieces
  • Food Calculation and Costing
  • Cheese Evaluation and Cooking
    • Types of Cheeses
    • Cooking with cheese
  • Breakfast Preparation
    • Continental
    • American
    • English
    • Written
    • Practical
  • Special Dietary
    • Food Nutrition
    • Types of special diets
  • Food and Beverages
    • Identification of tabke wares and glass wares
    • Table Set-up
    • Wine Classification and Service
  • Pate and Terrines
  • Buffet Preparation
    • Basic Buffet Set-up
  • Restaurant Operation
    • Restaurant Communication
    • Time Management
    • Maximizing Restaurant Sales
    • Customer Expectations
    • Guest Relation
    • Conflict Resolutions
    • Standardized Recipe
    • Restaurant Schedule
  • Kitchen Management
    • Kitchen Personnel
    • Kitchen Lay-out
    • Kitchen Stations
    • Stocks Inventory and Evaluation
    • Proper Storage
  • Advanced Bakery and Pastry
    • Session 1
    • Session 2
    • Session 3
  • Chocolate and Confectionary
    • Types of Chocolates
    • Chocolate

    • Written
    • Practical
  • Hospitality Marketing Techniques
    • Principles of Marketing
    • Update in Hospitality Trends
  • Prepare, Cook and Serve
    • Types of Food Service
    • Menu Construction
    • Food Service standard
    • Menu Construction
    • Prepare, Cook and Serve food to actual diners

    NOTE: You will receive a Diploma in International Culinary Arts
    Enrollment Requirements:
  • Filled out enrollment form
  • Medical Certificate
    • Chest X-Ray
    • Hepa B
    • Drug Test
    • Health Card
  • Diploma
  • NSO
  • Passport/ Barangay Clearance Photocopy

  • Courses Fee Inclusions:
  • Fee individual cooking ingredients and materials
  • Free personal 10- pieces set of imported Che'f knives
  • Free complete set of Chef's uniform
  • Free 1- year insurance coverage
  • Free use of all tool, utensils and equipment
  • Free course hand-outs and other references
  • Free School ID
  • Free use of dressing room lockers and facilities
  • Free use of parking spaces

  • Course Fee & Installment Plan
    1st Semester
  • P 110,000 total tuition fee
  • P 10,000 reservation fee upon enrollment(Decutible but not refundable)
  • P 25,000 upon start of Month 1
  • P 25,000 upon start of Month 2
  • P 25,000 upon start of Month 3
  • P 25,000 upon start of Month 4

  • 2nd Semester
  • P 20,000- enrollment fee
  • P 20,000- before the First Major Exam
  • P 20,000- before the Second Major Exam
  • P 25,000- before the Final Exam



  • 2x2 ID Picture
  • Photocopy of Diploma/TOR
  • Photocopy of Medical Certificate
  • Photocopy of Barangay/Police/NBI/Passport
  • 3 pcs. passport size picture with collar, white background and with negative
  • PhP 500.00 for assessment fee
  • 1 pc. ballpen
  • Employment Certificate related to the qualification taken (at least 2 years)

Contact Us


G/F, ACT Cyber Tower, Leon Kilat St., Kalubihan, Cebu City, Cebu Philippines 6000



AICHI is located inside the multi-million 15-storey ACT Cyber Tower at the corner of Leon Kilat and P. del Rosario Streets. AICHI features state of the art facilities and equipment compliant with international standards in accordance with the American Culinary federation (ACF) and Safety, Hygienic & Sanitization accorded by (HAACP) and we provide free parking space as well a convenient commuter access. We will be pleased and happy to meet you personally and give you a tour of our institute.